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HV Review: Top 10 Political Facepalms of 2010

From big f*&kin’ deals to tickle fights to Nazis to witchcraft to S&M clubs to Rangel’s exit, it’s been a typically absurd political year. Take a look back at the stories that made us laugh *and* cry in 2010.

Hype AM: Bigots, Backiotomies, Naughty Signs, Hooker Vests…

Hype AM for Wednesday, October 27th features a virtually illiterate bigot school board member, the Kentucky Kurb Stomper’s latest excuse (doctor says he need a backiotomy), Rachel Maddow’s walk-and-talk with Joe Miller, naughty sign language, hooker vests and more.

Ask a Gringo: Foreskin, Football and (Swine) Flu

Ask a Gringo’s back for another exciting installment. This week, Kenny Kaplan helps our newly emigrated friends in these United States by answering questions about The Three Fs: foreskin, football and (swine) flue.