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Mitt Romney Is Not the Baby Whisperer

Just hours before Mitt Romney was to face off in the 20th GOP debate, the man who raised five boys tried the ol’ Baby Photo-Op at a campaign rally. His failure is our Caption Contest opportunity. Go forth.

The GOP Debate: It Happened Like This

Newt Gingrich waddled out like mashed potatoes in a suit, Mitt Romney misquoted George Costanza and there was talk about birth control, the Olympics and wonky earmarks. Oh, and who said, “As long as you’re America’s enemy, you’re safe?”

The GOP Electability Problem

Newt Gingrich’s come-from-behind win in South Carolina should be sounding alarms in the back rooms of the GOP establishment. Former Senate staffer Christopher Hahn tells us why it’s looking more and more that both Mitt Romney and Newt are unelectable.

10 Debate Questions That Will Stir Things Up

At this point, the questions have mostly been answered. So to spice things up, here are 10 great questions that will surely bring some life to these tired Republican debates. If these were asked, we’d have a whole new race on our hands.

Showtime at the Apollo: Obama Sings Al Green

During Thursday night’s GOP debate, Pres. Obama attended a fundraiser at the Apollo Theater. “And to know that Reverend Al Green was here,” he said before singing, “IIIII’m, so in love with you.” Obama did a bang-up job.

Top 10 Political Laughs of 2011

In these times, not many things will make you laugh…on purpose. Alex Gangitano’s big “thank you” this year goes out to the political spoofers who actually tried to make us laugh and gave us a real reason to smile through these tough times.