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Why Tax Policies That Favor the Rich Hurt the Rich

$25 or $50: which is greater? Obviously, anyone in their right mind would rather have the greater sum of money. But because of inflation and the actions of the Federal Reserve, a person could hold less wealth and have more “money power.”

Occupy Everything: My Hip Hop Anthem

Larry Harris Jr. went to Occupy Miami this weekend because he’s upset about how big banks and Washington stole the American Dream — not because he’s lazy, unemployed or down on my luck. To prove it, here’s his original hip hop anthem.

Wall Street Got $1.2 Trillion From the Federal Government

The numbers for the 2008 Wall Street bailout have, until now, been non-existent. Everyone knew that the federal government dropped a lot of money to keep the banks afloat, but now that Bloomberg has dug up the actual number, it’s staggering to consider.