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Levon: Eulogizing The Man, Losing The Band

It was Levon who fought to keep The Band on the road. It was Levon who tried to preserve the spirit of The Band. It was Levon who kept it alive off the road. In death, in a sense, Old Dixie goes down with Levon.

Holy Crap, This 1-Year-Old Drummer Is Good

This guy poops in his pants, but he wails on the set like John Bonham Jr. Just incredible. I’ve been playing 14 years and my sense of timing is not much better. Just wait until he can reach the bass pedal …

Drummer Boy Plays Killer Solo, Vomits on Stage

This drummer rocked so hard he must have dislodged something deep inside himself. Impressive solo, equally impressive hurl. But most impressive? Waving off the teacher who comes to see if he needs help? I GOT THIS!