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HV Exclusive: Black Bobby’s Best Kept Secrets EP

Our very own Larry Harris Jr. opened Tuesday night’s Rock The Bells for the Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) reunion show in Miami Beach. Now, he drops his first ever worldwide release, exclusively right here. Score one for independent music.

VIDEO: What’s Hard About Being a Cabbie in DC?

Cabbies in DC interact with the good, the bad and the ugly on a regular basis: low meter rates, dangerous situations, drunk passengers and riders who engage in “extraordinary activity” in the backseat. Find out what’s so hard about driving a cab in Washington.

Pig Olympians: Chef Adam Sobel, The New Guy

Adam Sobel’s Yankee swagger was on display when I asked him if he had any messages to send to his competitors. “I hope they’re taking it seriously, because I’m not just the new guy, I’m here to win.”