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Fox News Needs New Chart Maker

Leave it to Fox News to use a chart in its unemployment report to show the 0.4 percent drop as being no change from October to November. Lying or incompetence? They should be proud of neither.

So Who Is Occupy Wall Street?

There’s been a great deal of dismissive language surrounding the Occupy Wall Street protesters and their national offshoots. The question remains: Who is an OWS protester? Some analysis begins to paint a better picture…

What a Week of Check-Ins on Foursquare Looks Like

Last week, Foursquare passed one billion check-ins. To celebrate, they took a week’s worth of check-in data and turned it into a small slice of data visualization porn. Watch the ebb and flow of check-ins throughout the world.

VIDEO: The Connected States of America

The Connected States of America is a data visualization project between MIT and AT&T which maps out connected communities based on anonymized mobile phone data. So fascinating!

Where are the Fish? Apparently in Our Bellies

David McCandless made a data visualization comparing the Atlantic Ocean fishing stocks in 1900 and in 2000. Amazing what just 100 years of commercialized fishing will do, right? In 2000 there are almost no fish in the North Atlantic!