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Secrets of Success from The King & Queen of Pork

For the local food nut or swine savant, it’s impossible not to be inspired by John Stewart and Duskie Estes, the husband-and-wife duo who just won the Pork Olympics. Hear their secrets, and learn how to cook like them (plus helpful recipes!).

Bury Me in a Bowl of Pig Foot Jambalaya

Sam’s Good Meats challenges anyone turned off by the title of this piece to say they wouldn’t try the dish made at the end of it. Except vegetarians. They can ping @SamsGoodMeats on Twitter with complaints.

Cochon 555 Closing Ceremony: The Pork Olympics

“In my dream, I sit at the Cochon 555 judge’s table with only a plastic spork, and nothing I stab with it will stick. Tom Waits’ Looks Like I’m Up Sh*t Creek Again plays in the background. My screams are not heard.”

Pig Olympians: Chef Tarver King, Mr. Big Country

Imagine a waffle that had meltingly tender, sweet-and-salty aged pork as its butter. Sam Hiersteiner looks back at his tasting notes and sees that he wrote “holy sh*t” in reference to the dish. We continue our coverage of The Pork Olympics.

Pig Olympians: Chef Adam Sobel, The New Guy

Adam Sobel’s Yankee swagger was on display when I asked him if he had any messages to send to his competitors. “I hope they’re taking it seriously, because I’m not just the new guy, I’m here to win.”