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When Truth is the Enemy of Truth

Danielle Fankhauser, a lifelong Christian who doesn’t believe everything she hears in church, thinks Don Miller, one of her favorite Christian authors, might be plagiarizing from her brain with his latest post about beliefs commonly held by churches.

Why Muslims Are Better Pray-ers

As a lifelong Christian, Dani Fankhauser is super impressed by the dedication taken by Muslims to pray — even in the fitting room of GAP. Muslim prayer might not be life-changing every time, but the habit it forms is of always being aware of God.

Loving Your Neighbor The Hard Way

It’s Christmas, so if you’re not down with celebrating the birth of baby Jesus, go ahead and read about one of the things I wished Christians would change. After all, what better way to celebrate than venting about how Christians fail?

God, Productivity, Art and Wine

“I feel like organizing or getting some freelance work done might be the responsible thing, but I’d really rather drink wine and paint a picture. So, it is my responsible side that tells me to do work? Or is that the *American* work ethic that tells me I’m not good enough unless I’m productive?”