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Jazz Fe(a)st: Someone Get Me a Wheelchair

Then you look down and there, cupped like magic beans in your hands, is a pepper sauce-dressed pile of pulled pork from a wood-roasted suckling pig. It’s your bachelor party at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, aka Jazz Fe(a)st.

Bury Me in a Bowl of Pig Foot Jambalaya

Sam’s Good Meats challenges anyone turned off by the title of this piece to say they wouldn’t try the dish made at the end of it. Except vegetarians. They can ping @SamsGoodMeats on Twitter with complaints.

A Jew Celebrates Vietnamese St. Patrick’s Day

The sandwich you’ll see here is the “Pho” Corned Beef Banh Mi w/ Ruhlman’s Pate de Campagne, David Chang’s Momofuku Quick Pickles, Cilantro, and Yogurt-Agave-Sriracha sauce. Just look at how good this tastes. Now make your own.

Sausage That Won’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger

Only someone completely out of their mind with sausage dementia would write something that dramatic about throwing home cured spanish chorizo away. But what can I say? Pimenton de la vera (smoked paprika), garlic, spices, and pork shoulder make up the highest form of charcuterie for me. There may not be a food in the world I like more.

Pancetta, Meet Smokey Pork Ribs

They walk into a house in the middle of Washington, DC, and the nutjob who owns it has pork everywhere. The freezer full of vac sealed sausage. The wine fridge with struggling chorizo. The pancetta in the rafters. The hams hanging in the shed. And the pork ribs.

Ruminations, Reminiscenses, Ribs

I fackin love pork ribs. I grew up in Kansas City, where barbecue is a spiritual movement whose manna is ribs (burnt ends, maybe, but not for this post).

Besides Warthog Anus, The World’s Most Offensive Food

My first Charcutepalooza post was about how my culinary curiosity brought me to butchery and this blog. This post is about how that same desire for food adventure led me to taste the most offensive piece of food I have ever had near my mouth.