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Cochon 555 Closing Ceremony: The Pork Olympics

“In my dream, I sit at the Cochon 555 judge’s table with only a plastic spork, and nothing I stab with it will stick. Tom Waits’ Looks Like I’m Up Sh*t Creek Again plays in the background. My screams are not heard.”

Pig Olympians: Chef Tarver King, Mr. Big Country

Imagine a waffle that had meltingly tender, sweet-and-salty aged pork as its butter. Sam Hiersteiner looks back at his tasting notes and sees that he wrote “holy sh*t” in reference to the dish. We continue our coverage of The Pork Olympics.

Pig Olympians: Chef Adam Sobel, The New Guy

Adam Sobel’s Yankee swagger was on display when I asked him if he had any messages to send to his competitors. “I hope they’re taking it seriously, because I’m not just the new guy, I’m here to win.”

The Pork Olympics

“When the doors finally opened, I was physically assaulted by the smell of roasting pork. I’m not talking a mixed bag of restaurant kitchen smells with a faint trace of bacon. I’m talking the type of pure essence that is hard to find unless you’re standing next to a pit-roasting hog. It was like the best punch in the face I’ve ever had.”