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Watch Weird Al’s “Perform This Way”

Weird Al Yankovic’s legion of fans will have to wait one more day until his first new album in five years drops on Tuesday. But 24 hours ahead of Alpocalypse, Weird’s fans woke up to his official music video for the Lady Gaga “Perform This Way” parody.

Lady Gaga Debuting New Tracks Through…FarmVille?

Lady Gaga is teaming up with the makers of FarmVille to preview songs off her upcoming album Born This Way. And this really only makes sense from a promotional standpoint because it involved musical master of self-promotion and provocation, Lady Gaga.

VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Premieres

Lady Gaga tweeted earlier this week that she couldn’t wait any longer, couldn’t hold it in any more — she had to release her new single “Born This Way” by the end of the week. Now it’s Friday, and Lady Gaga stayed true to her word. “Born This Way” is out.