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A Jew Celebrates Vietnamese St. Patrick’s Day

The sandwich you’ll see here is the “Pho” Corned Beef Banh Mi w/ Ruhlman’s Pate de Campagne, David Chang’s Momofuku Quick Pickles, Cilantro, and Yogurt-Agave-Sriracha sauce. Just look at how good this tastes. Now make your own.

Ruminations, Reminiscenses, Ribs

I fackin love pork ribs. I grew up in Kansas City, where barbecue is a spiritual movement whose manna is ribs (burnt ends, maybe, but not for this post).

Italian Bacon. Yes.

I’m toying with the notion that for every Charcutepalooza challenge, I’m going to add a separate smoked meat exercise. The Big Green Egg, for the un-indoctrinated, is the single greatest cooking implement ever created. I have never cooked anything on it that wasn’t good. You will hear me evangelize on this point regularly.