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Tebow of Nazareth Wins Again

Why do we hate on the second most-famous white Bronco? Like Seinfeld, do we need to find the equivalent a closet full of Today sponges in Tebow’s house in order to finally get off his back with the relentless mocking and taunting?

It’s On: Super Bowl XLV Open Thread

A hyper-partisan nation will come together to watch the 45th annual Super Bowl. Estimates say nearly 100 million Americans will tune into the game, and six percent of Americans will call in sick on Monday. This is your open thread.

Game Time: Super Bowl XLV Predictions

It’s Pittsburgh versus Green Bay, two teams with impressive pedigrees from two cities with blue-collar attitudes. So who will win this Sunday? And what prop bets should you play to make some quick cash? Russell Colburn and Ross Mandel break it down.

NFL Conference Championship Recap: Best Two Teams Won

After a couple of pretty mediocre Conference Championship Games, it’s down to Green Bay and Pittsburgh. NFLDraftBible.com’s Ross Mandel breaks down the two games, asks why Jay Cutler’s a wuss and wonders whether the Jets will ever find their identity.

Game Time: Football’s Final Four Predictions

Green Bay at Chicago, New York at Pittsburgh: The NFL is salivating at the potential ratings for Sunday’s Championship games. But where should you put your money? Our football experts break down both games and predict who will meet in Super Bowl XLV.