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Shep Smith: Politics Is ‘Weird … and Creepy’

Check out Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith’s reaction to … Mitt Romney’s reaction to … Newt Gingrich’s reaction that … he won’t be named the Republican Presidential candidate in this election. This is awesome.

Exit Stage Newt: Gingrich to Drop Out

“I’m going to be the nominee,” Newt Gingrich boasted in December 2011. Not so much, Mr. Speaker. Sources close to the former House leader say he will drop out next week. Hey, he can always use this time to plan that moon colony.

Joe Biden Gets ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Treatment

Now that the unintentionally hilarious GOP race is all but over, the intentionally funny foiks at Bad Lip Reading have turned their comedy sights on Vice President Joe Biden. Try not to double over in laughter watching this.

Down Goes Santorum

Since we too morally oppose birth control and believe that same-sex marriage is a bad, bad thing, our hopes for a commander-in-chief who shares our views are no more. Rick Santorum suspended his presidential campaign.