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The Betting Men: NFL Week 1

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By Ross Mandel & Russell Colburn on September 8, 2012

Ross Mandel is a member of the Football Writers Association of America, the editor-in-chief of NFLDraftBible.com, and co-host of a weekly online radio show. Russell Colburn is a former intramural football stud. Together, they tell you where to throw your money for some solid returns …

Big Blue View

The Betting Men are back for Year 2, and we vow to put some money in your pockets this season. We won’t bore you with a boring intro this week because the boring Giants already began the season by kicking us square in the junk with their stinkbomb at home against the Cowboys. But chew on this: 5 rookie quarterbacks will be making their NFL debut in Week 1 (Luck, RG3, Weeden, Wilson & Tannehill). Are you bold enough to bet on them this weekend?

2011 Season Totals: Ross 137-123-7 ATS, Russell 130-130-7

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Indianapolis Colts @ Chicago Bears (-10)

Russell’s Pick: For the first time in 15 years, Peyton Manning will not be sporting the blue and white of the Colts’ uniform. Luck will be a fine pro, but he faces a major test against the Bears defense at Soldier Field.

Final Score: Bears 24-13

Ross’ Pick: I’m just not sold on the Bears as a playoff team. That offensive line will leak against the pass rushers of Indy, and their D isn’t gonna scare Andrew Luck.

Final Score: Bears 27-21

Philadelphia Eagles @ Cleveland Browns (+9)

Russell’s Pick: Rookie running back and 28 year old rookie quarterback; add those two together against the Eagles and you get a blowout.

Final Score: Eagles 30-10

Ross’ Pick: Brandon Weeden shouldn’t be starting. Shady McCoy is gonna lead the league in rushing, and this game will get him off to a terrific start.

Final Score: Eagles 31-16

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets (-3)

Russell’s Pick: Cornerback Antonio Cromartie put it bluntly when he stated that he was the second best receiver on the team. How can you possibly argue with a man who has 37 children? Take the Bills at +120, you will thank me later.

Final Score: Bills 21-14

Ross’ Pick: I just have a weird feeling about the Jets in week 1. I believe they’re going to come out and perform well, especially defensively, proving once again: the preseason is a joke.

Final Score: Jets 24-17

Washington Redskins @ New Orleans Saints (-7)

Russell’s Pick: RG3 better be wearing his Superman socks because he is going to need all the help he can get.

Final Score: Saints 31-17

Ross’ Pick: New Orleans will be up for this, bolstered by the overturning of Dictator Goodell’s bogus suspensions. Brees lights it up.

Final Score: Saints 38-21

New England Patriots @ Tennessee Titans (+5.5)

Russell’s Pick: Even though Jake Locker is a second year player, he has the experience of a rookie. The trend is your friend, take the Pats.

Final Score: Patriots 28-14

Ross’ Pick: Brady’s offense might be better this season with the addition of Brandon Lloyd. Jake Locker isn’t ready. Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight…

Final Score: Patriots 35-20

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Minnesota Vikings (-3.5)

Russell’s Pick: Maurice Jones-Drew followed through with his lengthy holdout when he had zero leverage. End result, still getting paid the same salary. Too bad for him.

Final Score: Vikings 20-14

Ross’ Pick: I don’t care if the game is in Percy Harvin’s living room—no way the Vikings should be favored by more than a FG against anyone.

Final Score: Jacksonville 23-20

Miami Dolphins @ Houston Texans (-12)

Russell’s Pick: Watching HBO’s Hard Knocks helped me realize that the Dolphins will be the worst team in the NFL this season.

Final Score: Texans 28-7

Ross’ Pick: Houston has talent on both sides of the ball. Miami has…nice weather. This will get ugly in a hurry.

Final Score: Texans 38-13

St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions (-7.5)

Russell’s Pick: Hard to envision the Rams keeping up with the Lions during a shootout… and Megatron will reverse the Madden Curse.

Final Score: Lions 34-20

Ross’ Pick: The Rams actually have a decent front line, which will keep it close…for a while. Just too many weapons for Stafford here. The world will meet Titus Young in this one.

Final Score: Lions 31-17

Atlanta Falcons @ Kansas City Chiefs (+3)

Russell’s Pick: Injuries along with the suspension of Tamba Hali leave the Chiefs’ defense in a depleted state.

Final Score: Falcons 27-16

Ross’ Pick: I believe in the Falcons this season—they’re going to move away from the aging Michael Turner, and why not? Julio Jones and Roddy White are the best duo in the league.

Final Score: Falcons 31-24

San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers (-4.5)

Russell’s Pick: Justin Smith of the 49ers is going to absolutely abuse LT Marshall Newhouse. Aaron Rodgers better wear his flak jacket.

Final Score: Packers 24-21

Ross’ Pick: I believe the Niners are vastly overrated. This game will begin to prove that theory. Green Bay is simply in a different class.

Final Score: Packers 34-21

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5)

Russell’s Pick: The Buccaneers will be the surprise team of 2013, not 2012.

Final Score: Panthers 27-23

Ross’ Pick: Tampa is going to come out fighting for their new HC. Carolina has a bit of undeserved swagger about them. Cam may make some plays, but Tampa does enough to pull it out at home.

Final Score: Bucs 23-20

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals (+2.5)

Russell’s Pick: The Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to hold a clipboard for 3-years and $26M. Wait a second, is Russell Wilson’s girlfriend trying to swallow that mug? How weird is it that the old man behind her is caressing her during her futile attempt?

Final Score: Seahawks 17-13

Ross’ Pick: Seattle is quietly putting together a solid team, while the Cardinals keep spinning their wheels. Poor Larry Fitz. Another season of great talent wasted with weak QB play.

Final Score: Seahawks 23-12

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Denver Broncos (-1.5)

Russell’s Pick: Peyton Manning avoids serious injury for at least one game. Not wishing this on him at all, but I think it is bound to happen this season. I hope I am wrong.

Final Score: Broncos 24-20

Ross’ Pick: Prime time and Peyton Manning go together well. Pittsburgh is aging and their offensive line has issues. Manning gets initiated into the Mile High Club. No, not that one. Not until he wins a title.

Final Score: Broncos 23-17

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens (-6)

Russell’s Pick: There will be a somber mood hovering over Baltimore after the passing of the legendary Art Modell, but a Ravens victory will help to ease the pain.

Final Score: Ravens 21-14

Ross’ Pick: Art Modell got a bad rap. The man was a pioneer (sorry, Cleveland) and deserves respect. So do both of these teams. It’ll be a good one, but Baltimore will once again prove that Cincy is a notch below the leaders in the AFC North.

Final Score: Ravens 27-20

Monday, September 10, 2012

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders (-1)

Russell’s Pick: Might as well bet on the Raiders while Darren McFadden is healthy.

Final Score: Raiders 26-24

Ross’ Pick: Oakland will win this, but it’ll be one of their few victories of the season. In week 10, you’re gonna say, “Wow…remember opening night, when the Raiders looked so good?”

Final Score: Raiders 23-21

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