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HyperVocal’s 10 Most Popular Stories in 2010

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By HVentertainment on December 31, 2010

We’ve only been an operational entity for fewer than 90 days, but in that time our editors, writers and Entourage contributors posted more than 1,000 news and opinion pieces for your mental digestion.

Some have “done a viral” as your parents would say, some have gotten the exact amount of traffic they deserve, and some were read by fewer people than it takes to tango. So as we close out the Year of Our Lord 2010, let’s look back at the 10 most read stories in the brief history of HyperVocal.

10. VIDEO: Naked Girl in Bathtub Catches on Fire at P. Diddy’s Party [SFW]

Whether you call him Sean Combs or Puff Daddy or P. Diddy or Diddy Dirty Money or That Guy From The Biggie’s Dead Song, one thing’s for sure: The man knows how to throw a fucking awesome rager wherever it’s held. His parties are, quite literally, on fire.

On Dec. 15th the rapper/producer invited 200 of his closest friends to a hotel room in New York City’s The London hotel for a celebration of his new album Last Train to Paris. While comedian Kevin Hart sat on the edge of the bathtub talking to a live UStream of the event, a naked model hangin’ out in the hotel room’s jacuzzi got a little close to a candle perched on the ledge. The result? This:

Kevin Hart’s sympathetic reaction? Through sheer joy: “Did the camera catch that? Got the camera?”

9. The Gallery: 74 Homemade Signs from Rally to Restore Honor and/or Fear

We attended the Stewart/Colbert-led Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington DC on Halloween weekend came back with hundreds of pictures of the witty homemade signs in the crowd. In the end we posted a nice round number: 74 of ’em. Check out the fully gallery here, which contains the ironically hilarious and the hilariously ironic, with a touch of the tragically witty thrown in for good measure.

8. Spend Time with Good People. Do Sh!t. Make Ideas Happen.

For the third piece of her Diary of a Social Entrepreneur, Milena Arciszewski sat down with Michael Karnjanaprakorn, a rock star in the social entrepreneurship space. Milena and Mike talk about his clever new tech start-up called SkillShare, the secrets of becoming a full-time entrepreneur, juggling, favorite quotes, and much more. Check it out, you just might be inspired to do shit, to make ideas happen.

7. Mascot Madness: Video of The Cincinnati Bearcat’s Arrest

We’re used to Cincinnati basketball players getting arrested, but on December 4th it was the school’s mascot walking away in handcuffs. During some snow-related hijinx, the mascot was told to stop throwing snowballs in the stands and pushed a security guard, knocking him to the ground. Not cool.

6. Leaked! Santa’s Naughty or Nice LGBT List 2010

We’ve been fortunate to be joined in this endeavor by some amazing contributors. Like a proud parent, we love all of our contributors equally. But like that same parent, we secretly like some more than others. From the outset, we’ve been blessed by the presence of Blake Skjellerup, a short track speed skater who competed for New Zealand in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, one of the few openly gay athletes in the world, AfterElton.com pin-up and all-around good guy. He’d make our Nice list if we were Santa Claus. But we’re not. Blake did manage to sneak a peek at Santa’s LGBT Naughty or Nice list for 2010, and he made it his duty to to share the fat man’s list with the world. If you missed it, come see who got a lump of coal and who got a Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear.

5. Happy Hanukkah: Now, Some Jews Doing A Capella Taio Cruz

For our Jewish brothers and sisters, this was the video you send to your parents and their parents, only for them to call you up and say “Oy, how the heck do I open this farkakta thing on my machine?” For eight crazy nights, Jews and goyim alike listened to Yeshiva University’s Maccabeats mash up a parody of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” with Mike Tompkins’ a capella YouTube version of the song. People loved it.

4. Swamp Monster: Creepy Pic or Clearly a Hoax?

It would appear this picture, allegedly taken by a Louisiana hunter on his deer stand camera, was a hoax. But, good lord, if it’s not, start preparing for the End of Days.

3. What’s Your Sign: The Things We Do For Love

This was so awesome it hurts. Blake Skjellerup did his best at trying to find out who YouTube user shadeslayer117 was, but his Internet Stalking abilities clearly need some work. Through his trusty sources, however, he did manage to find out that shadeslayer117 is a boy who has full hearing capabilities. He met a boy who is deaf. They fell madly in love. Shadeslayer117′s now so smitten by his new love that he learned sign language so he could communicate with his new beau in the way he knows best. He’s also clearly fascinated with his new talent of being able to sign and how he can make use of it in everyday life. Such as, when he is horny, when wants to make out in his new boyfriend’s car, when he wants to engage in some mutual masturbation (enjoy the sign for mutual masturbation?). Just amazing.

2. Customer Service in the 1970s: The Cleveland Browns’ Letter You Have To Read

You really have to read the whole thing to get the right sense of what’s going on here, but the quick story is this: Back in 1974, a Cleveland Browns fan sent a letter to the team urging them to crack down on paper airplane throwing. The team’s lawyer responded thusly: “I feel that you should be aware that some asshole is signing your name to stupid letters.” That is, how you say, epic.

1. Argentina’s Dancing With the Stars Goes Way, Way Beyond Dirty Dancing

This clip also doubled as our #1 video in the Top 10 Non-Dodson Vital Virals of 2010 post, but it’s earned the top spot in both. Argentina kinda has its own version of Dancing With the Stars as part of a series called ShowMatch. It’s a segment called Dancing for a Dream, or Bailando por un Sueño if you want to be all Spanish about it. That Dream, well, it must’ve been a wet one. Dancing to Aerosmith’s “Crazy,” Silvina Escudero and Nicolás Scillama start to strip each other from their respective uniforms, then more, then more…until it gets a bit out of hand. We’re talking simulated sex acts and some very real tittays. Warning: definitely not safe for work. But definitely safe for the wank slideshow.

Just imagine being an Argentine teenager watching that live. It’s probably the exact same feeling most American boys born between 1976 and 1980 had while watching Nicole Eggert and The Two Coreys in Blown Away for the first time. Can’t wait for Argentine Glee!

Onto 2011. Join us. Spread the gospel. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

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