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Postcards from the ‘Jing

Postcards from the ‘Jing

Postcards from the ‘Jing: Welcome to Shopping Hell

Take a stroll through Beijing’s Silk Market: “Suddenly, as though a dark cloud formed over her shop stall, the bitch emerges. She starts yelling at the customers, harassing them and mocking them, because clearly they can see through her pricing bullsh!t.”

Postcards from the ‘Jing: I Heart Old People

You’ve heard about China’s impending dominance for a while now. But what’s life like on a day-to-day basis? Well, there’s lots of old dudes walking the street in pajamas, old ladies talkin’ about hemorrhoids, and elbows to your back.

Postcards from the ‘Jing: Bloody Hell

When culture shock meets bathroom etiquette and that time of the month: “Dear Women of China: I’m writing to you because we’ve known each other for a while now, and I feel comfortable telling you about something that’s bothered me for months.”

Postcards from the ‘Jing: Let’s Get Physical

Who needs Bally Total Fitness when you can slap your ass while walking at your local park? Our intrepid reporter in Beijing fills us in on the exercise habits of old Chinese people who work out in public on the many jungle gyms for adults around the city.