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Occupy DC Protester Explains the Value of the Occupy Movement

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By Monica Gray on January 14, 2013

Did you ever walk by an Occupy camp and wonder, “What’s the point?”

Since Occupy Wall Street sparked an international movement in 2011, its demonstrators have been criticized for their inability to articulate a clear mission statement. From standing up for the rights of “the 99 percent” to voicing concern over hazardous environmental practices, the Occupy movement’s fuzzy objectives have been condemned widely (even former President Bill Clinton said the group needed to put forth some clear goals).

In this Cool Convo, an Occupy DC protestor explains that the sheer exercise of Occupying has value. To insist they have clear goals and political action items, he suggests, is to misunderstand the Occupy Movement altogether.

Monica Gray is the founder of Cool Convos, a weekly video blog featuring conversations with people from all walks of life. Tweet her @MonicaNGray.

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