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Irish Helen Lovejoy Warns Committee About ‘Fraping’ Our Children

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By Greg Seals on March 8, 2013

While the rest of you social media gurus, ninjas and mavens are keeping Austin weird at SXSW, the innocent Facebook-loving children of Ireland are being “Fraped” — Facebook raped, natch — by their friends who are posting statuses from their logged-in accounts, as if they were them.

At worst, the consequences of these frapes are just lots of false coming outs and poop jokes. But don’t tell Irish Senator Fidelma Healy Eames, who appeared in front of a communications committee to speak on the many nonconsensual dangers of social media. Helen Lovejoy-in-brogue introduced this spectacular concept of “fraping” to the committee, as if fate of the world depended on legislation that could prevent such catastrophes.

Think Terminator 2, where Edward Furlong’s John Connor LEFT HIS FACEBOOK PAGE OPEN. Then watch this genuine concern:

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