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Hillary Clinton Was On Twitter In 2008

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Lee Brenner

By Lee Brenner on June 12, 2013

Remember the other day when I, along with the rest of the Twitter world, applauded former Secretary of State/FLOTUS/Senator Hillary Clinton’s entry to the Twitterverse? Well, everyone kind of missed one little point, as did I.

In addition to her MySpace, Facebook and YouTube channels, Hillary was on Twitter in 2008 during her campaign for president (although most likely it was her campaign staff tweeting in her name).


So the @HillaryClinton tweet on Monday…

…was actually a “re-launch.” So what happened to all of those followers from the 2008 campaign? As of today, only the initial tweet has been sent, so it remains to be seen if (and how) the self-described “hair icon, pantsuit aficionado” will use the vital political platform. As of this piece, she has 439k followers, quickly catching up to @billclinton’s 770k+.

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[screenshot via opensourcemarketer]
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