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MP: ‘Canada Will Never Become a Safe Haven for Zombies … EVER!’

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By Greg Seals on February 14, 2013

Canada is one of the most polite nations on this Earth, but not even our northern neighbors would buy a zombie a fresh, hot cup of Tim Horton’s delicious coffee. To underscore that fact, check out this clip from the House of Commons, where Canadian Parliament member Pat Martin of Winnipeg posed a question about the country’s Zombie Apocalypse preparedness to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird. Baird’s rebuttal is pure Canadian win.

City of Leicester Unprepared For Zombie Attack
Richard III’s Bones Found in UK City Unprepared For Zombie Attack

But how could you blame Martin? He’s just trying to ensure that Canada is as prepared as Montana when it comes to their emergency zombie alert system.

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