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Say, Where Are Beyoncé and Jay Z on the ObamaCare Rollout?


Lee Brenner

By Lee Brenner
October 2, 2013 at 3:00 pm

With Obamacare’s rollout getting hit for its website glitches, a bunch of celebs on Twitter helped push out the message to sign up with #GetCovered and #KnowYourOptions. DC regulars like John Legend and Rosario Dawson chimed in, as did professional roaster Lisa Lampanelli.

But where is the First Family of Entertainment?

Don’t get me wrong, John Legend is a solid talent, and who doesn’t want to be ordered around by Alyssa Milano or Rosario Dawson? That said, you’d think the president or First Lady could’ve convinced someone from the Carter family to send one short tweet to their millions of listeners.

Where o’ where are Beyoncé and Jay Z on health care?



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