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The Onion Nailed the NRA’s Sandy Hook Statement Way Back in May

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By HVmedia on December 21, 2012

Anyone who expected “meaningful contributions” to the gun debate from the National Rifle Association following the Sandy Hook shootings that robbed us of 20 children and six brave adults probably doesn’t read The Onion.

Yup, they nailed it back in May:

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As usual, this is pitch-perfect parody:

“Yeah, that’s probably the only way we’d reassess much of anything at this point: 1,000 dead kids, shot up pretty good, lying face down in the school auditorium or something like that,” LaPierre said, noting that anything less than 1,000 dead kids would not be enough for the NRA to stop urging Congress to pass pro-gun legislation. “I mean, that’s just a ballpark number, but I imagine seeing 1,000 or so body bags being wheeled out of a school and a whole town of crying parents would probably make us reflect on our values for at least a little bit.”

“So yeah, more or less 1,000 dead kids,” LaPierre added. “Something around there. And teachers don’t count.”

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