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‘The Newsroom’: That Jeff Daniels Rant About America’s Lost Greatness

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By HVentertainment on June 25, 2012

So you missed “The Newsroom”? Here’s the relevant Sorkin-y rant:

That starts off superbly. Jeff Daniels’ Will McAvoy begins by hitting the left and the right equally, giving him the moral superiority to lay down a nonpartisan critique of everything that’s wrong with modern American society. And he does almost make that case … but things go off the rails a tad when McAvoy veers into the same skid he’s criticizing and the cheesy music starts (that’s when you know it’s time to feel your feelings!).

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Did we really fight wars for moral reasons? Had we really cultivated the “world’s greatest artists?” Wait, we never beat our chests? In four short minutes, Aaron Sorkin showed us what political rhetoric and discourse could be like — then he quickly made a 180 and drove down the same streets we’ve been lost on for decades now. Close, but no cigar.

What do you think? Weigh in below.

If you don’t subscribe to HBO, you can watch the entire first episode right here. Many thanks to HBO for actually posting this online.

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