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The Most Censored Phrases on China’s Biggest Social Network

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By HVculture on March 20, 2012

Disinformation’s Jacob Sloan has compiled a list from Blocked on Weibo, a Tumblr devoted to the terms blocked from searches on the popular Chinese social media site. Some are fairly obvious: “nude photograph”? “Analingus”? Scandalous! But others, such as “chess opening” and “three-color cat,” just boggle the mind.

Click here for the full list (and list of banned Wikipedia entries) and here for Sloan’s favorites. Here’s a (NSFW) selection:

同性爱 | Homosexuality
兽奸 | Bestiality
内射 | Cum
军阀 | Warlord
冷溶 | Leng Rong
列确 | Legqog
小洞洞 | Xiaodong Dong [vagina] 小洞穴 | Small cave [vagina] 小鸡巴 | Small Cock
彭博社 | Bloomberg
工人党 | Workers’ Party
干你娘 | Dry your mother [Fuck your mother] 毋忘我 | Forget-me-not [plant] 穆斯林 | Muslim
袭击者 | Attacker
办证 | ID card
动乱 | Turmoil
卖淫 | Prostitution
博讯 | Boxun
反共 | Anti-communist
吗啡 | Morphine
吞精 | Cum shot
吴仪 | Wu Yi
吹箫 | Blow flute
咪咪 | Mimi
咸片 | Salty discs [pornographic film] 屄 | Cunt
64 | 64
东突 | East Turkistan
中共 | CPC
乌尔 | Ur
乔石 | Qiao Shi
九评 | Nine Commentaries
乱伦 | Incest
乳交 | Tit
亂倫 | Incest
五毛 | Fifty cents
余杰 | Yu Jie
做爱 | Sex
储波 | Chu Bo
元老 | Veteran
党国 | Party-state
共军 | PLA
共狗 | Communist bandit
射颜 | Facial
尤物 | Sex symbol
屁股 | Ass
巨乳 | Big-breated
巨奶 | Giant milk
布局 | Chess opening
库车 | Kuqa
异见 | Dissident
性爱 | Sex
性虐 | S&M
恋童 | Pedophilia
恋足 | Foot Fetish
情色 | Erotic
打炮 | Shelling
抗议 | Protests
操我 | Fuck me
操逼 | Fuck
无毛 | Hairless
春药 | Aphrodisiac
东京热 | Tokyo hot
严家其 | Yan Jiaqi
中宣部 | Propaganda
中联办 | The Liaison Office
主神教 | Main Church

What are your favorites? Weigh in below.


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