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The 21 Coolest People at Occupy Wall Street’s May Day Marches

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By Cooper Fleishman on May 2, 2012

Occupy Wall Street‘s May 1 New York City protest extravaganza was filled with incredible speeches, drum circles, short and sweet performances and, best of all, wacky characters with incredible signs.

HyperVocal spent the hot afternoon regretting its raincoat and sweater and talking to anyone who wasn’t being pushed forward by the throngs of people packing Union Square. Some were pushing their way out, some were trying to get a better view of Dan Deacon and Tom Morello, some were pissed about unemployment and student loans and the struggles of undocumented-immigrant laborers, and some were simply curious.

Here are our favorite sightings:

These “cops”

This team

Video by Robert Cicetti

This nurse offering free medical support

This wizard

This woman offering free haircuts

This woman

This garbage-flower man

This unpaid intern

This trumpeter

Occupy Nazareth

Video by Robert Cicetti

Whoever made this sculpture

This debt-and-unemployment pig

This man

This lady and her dog

This kid

This human coin

This guy

This guy

This chalk artist

These men (R.I.P.)

These cowbell players


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