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What Has Fox News Wrought?



By HVpolitics
November 2, 2012 at 7:41 am

There are many legitimate reasons to vote for Mitt Romney. There are many legitimate reasons to vote against Barack Obama. But all too often we see legitimacy tossed aside in favor of blind ideology, and people who should be able to list the things they want to see in our next president are left calling our current one a Muslim, an Atheist and a Christian — at the same time.

Chase Whiteside of New Left Media conducted interviews with voters at a recent Romney rally in Defiance, Ohio, the key swing state that could very well decide the election. This probably will not shock you, but it’s worth watching nonetheless. Defiance, so perfect.

Are there Obama voters just like this, but with different dumb reasons? Of course. But, jeez, that’s just a sad video. BILL AYERS!

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