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Mitt Romney Ruins ‘Friday Night Lights,’ Because Mitt Romney Ruins Everything

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By Cooper Fleishman on October 9, 2012

Check out Mr. America Mitt Romney’s new cover photo on Facebook:

It appears with the caption “We can’t afford four more years. Get involved today,” with a link to the Mitt Romney Action Center’s webpage. Many of you might recognize the quote from the cult-classic small-town-Texas football drama Friday Night Lights.

In the show, “clear eyes” is Coach Taylor’s rallying cry to lead his players to state championships. The image recalls a team of dirty, muddy high school football players running drills in the pouring rain. The teenagers’ lives suck; their grandmothers are mentally ill and their quarterback is paralyzed. But football is the one pure thing they’ve got going for them. Football is their way to a better America. And Coach is the one guy who believes in them.

So Romney wants to be Coach Taylor, the guy who knows you can persevere despite everything life throws at you. Romney would like to think politics is like football. He’d be the Tough Love president. He’d be the guy who makes you catch 50-yard passes before you can date his daughter.

But Coach Taylor made a trillion personal sacrifices to push his kids forward. Coach Romney would sell his kids’ jerseys for a salary bonus.

He’d be the guy who will let your state cut your education funding and then blame you for not moving to Massachusetts. He’d be the guy who will tell a gay boy in Kentucky that harassment builds character.

That’s Mitt Romney’s — and every conservative politician’s — perplexing message to the working class, whose votes the GOP desperately needs so it can continue to enact policies that crush the working class. “Tough love” is only positive way to spin utter disregard for the 47 percent.

Although what do I know? Buzz Bissinger, author of the book Friday Night Lights, is voting red.

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