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Living Rooms Across America Tour: It Was Just A Dream

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By Mike de la Rocha on December 1, 2012

It started out as a dream.

An ambition that quickly turned into reality as I poured my entire heart and soul into making The Living Rooms Across America Tour happen.

I didn’t just want to coordinate a nationwide tour. I wanted to change the world. I wanted to follow my bliss and play music that would inspire people and help reinforce the concept that love is critical to overcoming so many of our personal and societal challenges.

So with a big open heart and an acoustic guitar by my side, I ventured into the unknown.

I visited places that I had never visited.

I met people that I would have never met.

And I found something that I have been searching for my whole life.

I found my calling.

Whether it was listening to stories of resiliency from DREAM Act students or hearing an angel from South Africa share her powerful story of overcoming apartheid or singing in a cornfield in Fairfield, Iowa, I will never be the same again.

I now know and understand that belief coupled with hard work can make any dream come true.

And I now know that miracles are everyday occurrences if you’re willing to take risks.

So I did it.

With no corporate support, but a lot of love from friends and family, the first leg of the tour was a tremendous success.

I got to play in front of the Lincoln Memorial, perform in front of 17 million households on Good Morning 90210 and have my heart stolen by the beauty people of Jackson, Mississippi.

So thank you to HyperVocal, Global Grind, Holstee, Rock the Vote and all of our tour sponsors who helped me share our message with the world.

Thank you to all those local leaders who inspired me and showed me an alternative way of living.

Thank you to all my ancestors who paved this path before me.

And thank you for continuing to believe in me.

Mike de la Rocha is an LA-based musician, writer and consultant.

To find out more about The Living Rooms Across America Tour visit onestorymanyvoices.com and follow Mike on Twitter at @mrmikedelarocha.

Please consider giving to Mike’s honest IndieGogo campaign.

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