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Meet Norwegian Mass Murderer Anders Breivik’s American Pen Pal

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By HVnews on April 19, 2012

In the midst of the trial against Anders Breivik, the nationalist who slaughtered 77 fellow Norwegians last year, a 23-year-old from Massachusetts has publicly announced his support.

“I represent a nationalist alternative, just like Breivik,” he told Norwegian newspaper VG. “I want to … represent the views of Anders Breivik that have otherwise been demonized by the mass media.”

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Breivik has praised Forts, writing him a letter stating, “I have received letters from supporters in 20 countries, but you appear to be someone who can write well. Yes, I am absolutely interested in discussing ideological issues with you and am thinking about how we can work together.”

In the video above, Forts tells the reporter, “I believe it demonstrates a sense of nationalism and a moral conscience. He’s fighting against cultural Marxism and the Islamization of Norway and he found that the most rational way to accomplish that was through terrorist actions on Utøya and in Oslo.”

Forts defends Breivik’s murder of children, who, says the killer, supported “multiculturalist values”: “I believe that he used it as an unprecedented attack. I don’t believe that it should occur again, but I do believe that it was atrocious but necessary in that it has raised awareness for it and Breivik did that with the executions.”

Forts says of his hero, “I dream of one day meeting Breivik or talking to him on the phone.”

Psychological expert Terje Tørrissen, who has examined Breivik to see if he is mentally fit to stand trial, says the terrorist has received more than a hundred letters from supporters. They “use the same language, the same terminology as Breivik,” Tørrissen told Der Spiegel. “And some say they have been inspired by him and will be more extreme.”



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