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27 Illegal Election Ballots on Instagram

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By Greg Seals on November 6, 2012

There’s an Instagram epidemic happening today. If you can somehow manage to scroll past the hundreds of thousands of various I VOTED stickers on your photo feed, you might notice a few snaps of official election ballots displaying your friends’ candidate choice.

Of course, having your friends aggressively project their political beliefs and opinions on you via various social medias is annoying enough, but in some states, it’s actually illegal. Seriously, in Wisconsin it’s a Class 1 felony and in New York it’s a misdemeanor. Hawaii and Michigan have the option to throw the poster’s vote out (just as soon as they get through liking photos of One Direction and nail polish on the popular page).

The consequences of boothstagramming are unclear; they vary state-by-state. Some consequences are as mild as going to bed without dinner; others make the Instagrammers fight to the death in a Hunger Games–style tournament.

For now, it’s best just take evasive actions like Gawker’s Adrian Chen. It’s better for Apple’s bottom line anyways.

(Be[y]sides, Beyoncé is the only person I care to see casting her ballot, and she knows to keep her ballot private.)

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And a few libertarian votes for good measure.

All photos courtesy of Instagram. Usernames have been witheld to protect posters from all that unwanted attention they weren’t seeking by posing these photos in the first place.

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