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Election Night Powered By Twitter

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By HVpolitics on November 5, 2012

Politics Powered By Twitter” isn’t your daddy’s talk show — this is an entirely new form of radio using the world’s most compelling news feed. And, Tuesday on SiriusXM, we’re going all night long.

image via DonkeyHotey

Of all the social connectors that have sprung up to provide us escapist pleasure, it’s Twitter that has proven itself to be indispensable.

It’s Twitter that has actually changed the national conversation. It’s Twitter that has changed how journalists break and advance critically important (and, yes, even superficially comical) stories. It’s Twitter that has changed how politicians and celebrities control the message. It’s Twitter that has proven to be the prism through which all news now flows.

To that end, it’s now vital that there exists a national broadcast that looks at major news and political stories being driven by Twitter. That’s why HyperVocal’s Slade Sohmer and Lee Brenner teamed with SiriusXM to launch “Politics Powered By Twitter,” and that’s why SiriusXM decided to put us on air all night long on Tuesday — it’s “Election Night Powered By Twitter.”

We’ll be analyzing the election as seen on Twitter, along with some very special guests: Voto Latino CEO @MariaTeresa1, The Daily Caller’s @MattKLewis, POTUS’ @PeteDominick, Mashable reporter @AlexJamesFitz, The Atlantic’s @TheGarance, Fox News contributor @SallyKohn, NY Mag’s @StefanJBecket and many more.

Check it out on Tuesday night: Sirius channel 123, XM channel 130. We’re on regular time on POTUS 124 from 6-7 ET, then live again from 8 pm ET until at least 2 am, probably longer. Who needs sleep?

Don’t have SiriusXM? Go for this FREE TRIAL, no credit card needed.

Listen every day from 6-7 pm ET on SiriusXM’s POTUS 124.

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“Election Night Powered by Twitter” Channel (Sirius 123/XM 130): As election returns come in from around the country and the key battleground states, SiriusXM’s special “Election Night Powered by Twitter” channel will capture the immediate raw reaction that has made Twitter the social media destination of choice for entertainers, politicians, journalists and American voters throughout the election year. Hosted by Lee Brenner and Slade Sohmer of SiriusXM’s daily Politics Powered by Twitter show, “Election Night Powered by Twitter” will bring listeners the latest election results, up-to-the-minute Twitter trends, the best tweets from celebrities and political insiders, recommendations on who to follow and the overall story of election night through the eyes of Twitter (Beginning at 8:00 pm ET).

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