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Blagojevich Pees on an Electric Fence in Bizarre Texas Campaign Ad

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By Adam Smith on May 2, 2012

Check out this wacky Blago-bashing ad for a man running for political office. Bizarrely, the campaign ad isn’t for governor of Illinois, but railroad commissioner in Texas. Wait, all these attacks on national issues and countless nickels spent on special effects, and he’s running for railroad commissioner?

Oh yeah, and a Rod Blagojevich impersonator takes a wizz on an electric fence.

“Isn’t it about time we elected political leaders that have sense enough not to pee on electric fences?” You bet it is, Roland.

Roland Sledge not only possesses the most kick-ass name for a politician since Young Boozer, but he touts his experience as a lifelong oil and gas Texan in his campaign. Sledge ensures he will not die of electrocution via urination and thus will create jobs and attack the national debt as railroad commissioner.

Sledge’s advertisement makes good use of disgraced Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich dying in his own urine — even though probably one out of 100 Texans knows anything about Rob Blagojevich. Might have been a better PR move just to have Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops pissing himself and some Longhorn fans throwing him into the fence. If that ad gets made, it’s Sledge in a landslide.

Texas forever.

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