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Bill Clinton on ‘Arsenio’: The M83 Saxophone Mashup

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By HVvids on July 3, 2012

Twenty years and a week or two ago, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show to bust out a saxophone cover of “Heartbreak Hotel” that got the audience on their feet and charmed the nation into voting him into the White House in November. It was a moment of pure, absolute swagger, and even sexier than Jon Hamm as Sergio.

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“It’s nice to see a Democrat blow something besides the election,” said the host. (Back in 1992, you could still say the words “Clinton” and “blow” in the same sentence without incurring giggles.)

Here’s something new: A mashup of M83’s “Midnight City” from Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming with Clinton on the sax. America may now be content with watching Bill crash Irish weddings with his texting-badass wife, but I’ll tell ya, what we wouldn’t give to see him bring his musical talents back on TV.

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