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Bible-Lovin’ Politician Arrested for Allegedly Bribing Prostitutes With Drugs

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By HVnews on February 14, 2012

Larry Craig. Ted Haggard. Paul Barnes. Lonnie Latham. Coy Privette. Joe Barron. George Rekers. Mark Foley. Eddie Long. Ohio Rep. Robert P. MecklenborgGrant Storms, the Louisiana preacher arrested last year for masturbating in a van while watching children at a playground. All of these men were prominent religious or political figures, all of them have preached in one form or another about how you should be living your life, about whom you can love.

And all of them are tragic hypocrites, exposed publicly as fallible, as prone to temptation, as wired for flaw. As human. Just like the men and women whose lives they sought to control. New sex crimes pop up left and right. It’s practically cliché, for instance, for a Bible-thumping politician to be arrested for allegedly trading drugs for sex at a derelict motel — crimes worth 15 months in prison.

This is the case of former Clermont, Kentucky, commissioner Archie Wilson, who pleaded not guilty in Kenton District Court to soliciting prostitution and trafficking in a controlled substance.

Two female inmates in the Clermont County Jail recognized Wilson in a newspaper and asked to speak to a detective, saying Wilson had paid them for sex and private shows with money, cocaine and prescription drugs.

An undercover investigator arranged to meet with Wilson under the guise of a prostitute who would exchange sexual services for pills. Wilson grew nervous before the encounter, however, and gave oxycodone pills to an intermediary. Wilson never met the agent and no services were exchanged.

Amanda Lay, one of the women who targeted Wilson, spoke with Local 12 News in Cincinnati, Ohio:

Lay says she connected Wilson with other girls, mostly girls from local strip clubs who needed cash. She says she personally met wit him five to 10 times. “I wouldn’t call him disgusting because everybody has their own flaws, but he was dirty. A dirty guy.”

Lay admits that a lot of people did some bad things. But she’s glad that Archie Wilson is now facing criminal charges. “When people’s trying to pay bills and make some money, he was going to help you. But doin’ the stuff when you’re supposed to be … not famous but working for the county … and they put people like us in jail for stupid (stuff), and he’s out there breaking the law just as well as we are.”

And how perfect is it that her last name is “Lay?”

Wilson refused to answer reporters’ questions. The next hearing is scheduled for March 15.

(image via The Enquirer/Patrick Reddy)


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