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20 Republican Facebook Statuses From Election Day 2008

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By Will Arbery on November 6, 2012

In 2008, I was a student at Kenyon College. That campus rejoiced when Barack Obama was elected. But I grew up in Dallas, Texas, the city in which George W. Bush would soon take up residency. My Facebook homepage was flooded with statuses, half of them rejoicing, half of them despairing. I dutifully compiled every one I saw. In retrospect, the perspectives of the “losers” are more interesting. Here are some of my favorites, from John McCain supporters, on Election Day 2008.

Note: This was back when I still had a wheezy old Dell and hadn’t even heard of a screenshot, so you’ll just have to trust me.

XXXXXXX XXX is drowning in a deep blue sea.

XXXXXXX XXXXX is welcome to hell 2008–2012

XXXX XXXXX the market will frown on this tomorrow, and the financial crisis called the next four years will be realized.

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XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX hopes all you who voted for Obama are ready to give up all your money and share it with the unemployed of America. I will be in Mexico

XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX “a government strong enough to give you everything you want is strong enough
to take away everything you have.” —Barry Goldwater

XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX just voted straight ticket Republican. No Democrats are gonna take my guns and money.

XXX XXXXXX isn’t crying (it’s just raining directly on my face). It’s been fun McCain.

XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX is boo Obama bin Laden, hooray beer!

XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX hopes that people who voted for Obama realize just how badly they’ve screwed our country over. America doesn’t deserve this.

XXXX XXXXXXXX might as well change my major bc thanks to Obama i’ll have no money and sick people will die waiting for health care.

XXXXX XXXX is Obama is a testament to the consistency of man. In 5,000+ years people haven’t changed: false hopes, broad promises, and rhetoric always win. How cliche.

XXXXX XXXXXX is we’re all gonna die.

XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX what do Obama and JFK have in common … ? Nothing yet.

XXXX XXXXXX says that for his country’s sake he hopes he is very very wrong about Obama. But he’ll be stocking up on guns (and Ammo) in the coming weeks anyway

XXXXX XXXXXXX is RIP America 1776–2008.

XXXXX XXX is sighting in my rifle … but not for deer season.

XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX is 1) its deer season 2) i was hunting a coyote in my neighborhood 3) im not racist i just dont like socialism 4) i still love you bryan.

XXXX XXXXXXX is the silver lining is that he’ll get a nice check from the government next year when hes not making anything.

XXX XXXXXXXXXXX is even if obama is president he’s still the whitest black man to walk the earth.

XXX XXXXXXX you cant make me call him president.

XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX cannot believe Dallas has reelected Lupe Valdez as sheriff. really?

XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX is curling up with enough sleeping pills for four years.

XXX XXXXXXX hey guys we can just not report our real incomes … right?

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