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President Obama Gets In On Self-Pic #ScarlettJohanssoning Trend

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By HVculture on September 19, 2011

Never forget 9/14. It was a day that will leave in infamy. A day devoted to the lucious curves of actress Scarlett Johansson. A day when we learned an invasion of privacy could be celebrated as if bin Laden had just been killed. A day when the world learned that circle jerks aren’t gay if they’re over the Internet.

Internet denizens turned the Scarlett Johansson miracle into an excuse to post naked pictures of themselves on the web in a trend referred to as Scarlett Johanssoning. Really, it was nothing more than people posing before a mirror to snap a shot of their derriere. Lots of the photos were published to the Tush Tumblr, which is obviously NSFW if you click over to check it out (the plastic T-Red is a fave).

Now comes the most disturbing entry yet. It’s a painting of President Barry Obama getting in on the trend, courtesy of painter Dan Lacey. In the bottom-left corner is Bo the Dog, wearing a lei and either pulping the audience or missing his right eye. The painting is currently on sale at eBay, which means it could be yours. The current bid is up to $122.50, but there are still four days to go in the auction.

A near-perfect work of art, with one minor quibble: We always imagined Barry having a skinny white dude’s butt and not the badonkadonk pictured above.

(via The Cajun Boy at UPROXX)

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