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Banksy Shows Support for Occupy London Protests with Custom Monopoly Sculpture

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By HVculture on October 25, 2011

Beloved street artist Banksy decided to show his support for the worldwide Occupy Movement by doing what he does best: He created a sculpture for the London protesters. His latest work of art and cultural criticism features a panhandling Rich “Uncle” Pennybags sitting atop a customized Monopoly board.

If you look closely at the red Monopoly house, you’ll see Banksy even included the tiny detail of a Tox shoutout, which he’s been known to do before. The board also features trans-national corporations listed on the property spaces in place of the famous Atlantic City streets.

For the uninitiated, Tox is one of London’s most notorious taggers who was recently convicted of criminal damage. The photo above comes courtesy of Jason Reeves. Demotix has a full gallery of images of Banksy’s sculpture. The famous street artist delivered it Monday night as a gift to lift the spirits of the Occupy London protesters.

(via WorldsBestEver)


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