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Sound Checks & Balances: Vote Fearlessly on Nov. 2nd

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By Rock the Vote on October 13, 2010

After thousands of voter registrations, volunteer shifts, music festivals, and events on campus over the past few months, it’s time to get out the vote.

There isn’t much time to celebrate, but before we start rallying our friends to the polls on November 2nd, let’s take a moment to remind everyone that the Millennial generation puts up some serious numbers. With the passage of voter registration deadlines in more than 26 states across the nation, Rock the Vote surpassed its 2010 goal for registering young voters this fall.

As of today, with three weeks left until election day, almost 250,000 individuals have used Rock the Vote’s tool to register to vote in the Nov. 2 midterm elections. This figure exceeded the 200,000 registrations goal we set for ourselves, and more than quadrupled the number of registrations processed in 2006. It also represents the largest midterm registration effort in our organization’s history.

This milestone is really about you. With almost a quarter of a million people registered or re-registered, this generation is clearly ready to rock. You will demand that candidates take your issues and your votes seriously.
Now that you’re registered, candidates should know that you won’t be ignored and you won’t be talked down to.

They should understand not campaigning to you, those who will shape the future of our country, could cost them an election. We know you’re not afraid, and they should too. We know you’re ready to vote fearlessly on November 2nd.

Activating these hundreds of thousands of voters was not easy, and it took a lot of work. We reached out through millions of email reminders and text messages, featured tweets about registration deadlines by dozens of stars – including Maroon 5, Tim McGraw, Pink and Perez Hilton – and posted tens of thousands of Facebook messages, collaborated with radio partners to play public service announcements featuring stars like Adrian Grenier, Mike Posner, Nas and Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D.) on outlets around the country, worked in conjunction with more than 1,000 online voter registration partners who used our tool to register voters on their sites, campus newspaper ads in key states, and appeared on major news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, PBS and ABC.

Don’t worry, we’re prepared to work just as hard to remind people to get out the vote on Nov. 2. Check back in with us at our new HyperVocal blog, Sound Checks & Balances, for more posts about exciting ways you can help us tell your friends to Vote Fearlessly this fall.

Know you won’t be alone out there. We’re on the ground in youth-dense communities around the country, like Columbus, OH, where our teams are pushing hard to mobilize their peers.

Just last week on the Ohio State University campus, our State Coordinator reported that on the Oct. 4 registration deadline, “We had all hands on deck. Students and volunteers across the OSU community realized the opportunity to make a final and strong push before the voter registration deadline so that young people could have a voice in November. All across campus, Buckeyes tirelessly devoted the day to tabling, phone calling, texting, and knocking on doors so that their fellow students could join them at the polls on November 2nd.”

Rob and the rest of us at Rock the Vote will continue to keep up the good work on our end, but ultimately, it’s about more than hitting a voter registration number. It’s about ensuring that the real issues young people care about are being addressed, and we could never help build your political power without your unmatched enthusiasm.

We could never achieve unprecedented levels of engagement without our volunteers and the passion of your hugely influential voting bloc. Now, as registration deadlines across the country pass, we’re turning our focus to get out the vote efforts asking young Americans to help us make history once again by pledging in record numbers to Vote Fearlessly on November 2nd.

With your help, we know anything is possible.

This post was written by Rock the Vote President Heather Smith.

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