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Democrat Alvin Greene Enjoys Finger Foods Before Drifting Off Into Obscurity

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By HVpolitics on November 3, 2010

Incumbent Senator Jim DeMint on Tuesday night dropped a 39-point shellacking on challenger Alvin Greene. Democrats should be pleased, though — that came in under the polls’ average estimate for margin of defeat. If you took the under in Vegas, go ahead and cash in your chits now.

Alvin Greene’s the unemployed-in-dad’s-basement military veteran who somehow upset primary opponent Vic Rawl despite making no campaign appearances, no yard signs, and no website. Nobody has a clue where he got the $10,000 registration fee to even enter the race, and if all that’s not enough, shortly after the primary he was indicted on criminal charges of showing pornographic pictures to an 18-year old female college student. In short, he’s a perfect candidate in a state loaded with some truly strange politicians (say hey, Joe “You Lie” Wilson won re-election!).

Jim DeMint deserved a real challenge. He would have won handily no matter which Democrat he faced, but he earned a decent push nonetheless. DeMint boasted that President Obama’s plan to reform our health-care system would be his “Waterloo” and gleefully talked about “breaking” the president. DeMint compared a coup in Honduras to Al Franken’s democratically elected ascendancy to the Senate. DeMint’s a man of such measured rhetoric and reason that he told a conservative crowd to “take to the streets to stop America’s slide into socialism.” DeMint asserted, for the second time in six years, that gays and unwed mothers should not be allowed to teach in public schools.

Instead we got Greene’d. Just how strange is this dude? Check out his Election Night party, where he stuffed his face with finger foods, avoided reporters and debuted his new comic book: Warrior.

We haven’t heard the last of Alvin Greene. Except we probably have. Goodnight, sweet prince.

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