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30 Second Science Fair with Matt Jones and Megan Amram

In honor of Megan Amram’s book ‘Science for Her,’ Megan, Matt, and Whitney participate in a 30 Second Science Fair. Be sure to check out the full episode of Tiny Tiny Talk Show where Matt Jones tells us about some unmade Breaking Bad spin offs….

Meghan McCain Has No Love for the Secret Service

Meghan McCain tells Larry King on PoliticKING that when she was guarded by the Secret Service she found them to be gossipy and voyeuristic. The always outspoken Meghan McCain joins Larry to talk about her new nightly show, her hatred for the Secret Service &…

Christian Fundamentalists: “Ignorance Is Bliss”

Are Christian fundamentalists judgmental? Pastor Jay Bakker says that fundamentalists “look down on learning” and that their faith is built like a house of cards. On this episode of Larry King Now, our panel of experts examine how religion and faith is viewed and practiced…

Stefon Coming Out To His Family

Actor and comedian Bill Hader talks to Larry King about the future of Stefon. This episode has EVERYTHING. Larry talking to Bill. Bill talking to Larry. Alan Alda and Al Pacino impersonations. Backstage secrets of SNL. A discussion of awkward love scenes. It’s everything a…