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Nukes, Netanyahu & A New Problem For Hillary

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur joins Larry to sort through the fallout of Netanyahu’s criticism of the Iran nuclear talks. Then, Hillary stuns Dems & gives detractors red meat for 2016 when it’s revealed she used personal emails for her government job. Be sure to…

Jack Osbourne: U.S. Government Is Pushing “Opiates For The Masses”

During a panel on America’s prescription drug abuse crisis, reality star and former addict Jack Osbourne contends that the U.S. government and pharmaceutical company lobbyists are pushing dangerous opiates on the public. Non-medical use of prescription drugs contributes to nearly 40,000 deaths annually. Our panel…

Online Dating Horror Stories

Whitney hits the street to see if anyone has some crazy online dating horror stories. Be sure to check out more Tiny Tiny Talk Show clips only at Ora TV.