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Worst ’12 Years a Slave’ Headline

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on March 4, 2014

Wait. Seriously. C’mon. Hold up a second. Lemme just. Wait.

Of all the possible headlines they bandied about the office on Sunday night, how on earth did the Daily Breeze land on this one? A late-night joke without the light of day? Mistake at the printer? How does this actually get published?

Thankfully @aaronmedwards caught this, and here’s the PDF to verify.

daily breeze slave full

UPDATE: Poynter’s Andrew Beaujon got Breeze executive editor Michael Anastasi on the line and asked him about the headline:

Anastasi said “I winced” when he saw the front, and that his “body is still contorted” from his physical reaction to the headline. He’s spoken to the Breeze’s editors, he said. “They feel terrible and have taken responsibility,” he said. “It should never have happened.” There will be internal discipline, Anastasi said, declining to elaborate. He says the people at the Breeze “work very hard day in and day out to do some terrific journalism.”

Not many people called to complain, he said, about four or five readers. “One is bothersome to me,” he said.

Yeah, let’s just try to do a little better next time, okay?

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