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WHOA: Woman and Grandson Miraculously Survive Being Run Over by Car

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on January 22, 2014

Most of the time when people get run over by a car, the story does not have a happy ending. But in the case of one woman and her grandson who were mowed down by a speeding car, they were extremely lucky to walk away relatively unscathed. Still, the footage is INSANE, all caps.

How does this kid pop right up?

We don’t have much information, but the video comes from Brazil. And a translation of TV commentary tells us, “The child and the grandmother have already left the hospital and are doing fine, thank God.”

Commenters have some theories about how the kid was able to pop right up after being run over. One says it appears the tire is ripped, which would have lessened the pressure on his head. Another points out that the woman’s leg caught the brunt of the blow, and forced the tire to skip over the boy’s head. Regardless, this is pretty remarkable. That kid is crazy resilient.

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