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Guy Proposes Inside Whole Foods, Where He and Fiancée First Met

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on January 9, 2014

All future proposals will kale in comparison to this one.

One year ago, a Florida man (no, not that one) was shopping in a Miami Whole Foods when he spotted the woman who would turn out to be his future fiancée. Vladimir Romannikov was grabbing for a Kombucha, when he noticed something else — or someone else, rather — who he wanted to grab: a young woman named Monica Dehombre.

He decided to [celery] stalk her for a bit before he made his move.

“I see Monica and I’m like walking around the store. I’m trying to follow her a little, trying to start a conversation but she’s really serious about her shopping,” said Romannikov.

When the they reached the checkout — cash register two, to be precise — he popped the question. “So you shop all organic huh?” Guys, take notes!

From there the two began a lovely romance, and when Vladimir decided to propose a year after their organic meeting he knew the upscale market would be the perfect place. So he lured Monica to Whole Foods under the guise that he had a craving for yucca cheese rolls, the couple’s favorite snack, and then in front of a store full of yuppie shoppers bent down on one knee and popped a different question at cash register two.

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“Who knew you could find Prince Charming while shopping for Kombucha?” Monica said. Who knew indeed!

She added: “Shop at Whole Foods, find love.” OK, this is starting to sound like paid content. But hey, we’re just happy it wasn’t a flash mob.

Just remember: All’s fair trade in love and war.

[via HPTV]
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