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Drama at 12,500 Feet: Unconscious Skydiver Rescued By Buddies In Mid-Air

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on January 30, 2014

You’re 12,500 feet in the air, taking part in a group skydive. Seconds after the jump, another skydiver bops you on the head, and it’s lights out. Okay, now what? How does your parachute get deployed? How do you land safely?

For 25-year-old James Lee, this was a reality on a recent jump. Not to get all Upworthy about it, but what happens next is amazing, and dramatic.

If you’re wondering, this was Lee’s 1050th jump.

This video from the Wiltshere (UK) jump explains most of what went on in mid-air, but click on over to the Telegraph for more quotes and color.

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