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Evil Thieves Caught On Camera Stealing Sick Boy’s Pet Pug

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on June 19, 2014

Most crimes are, by nature, pretty f*&ked up. But here is one of the most f*&ked up ones we’ve heard in a while, and it was caught on camera. CCTV footage shows two thieves stealing Peaches, a seven-month-old pug who belongs to Ellis, 6, a little boy who had recently gotten out of the hospital.

Ellis was hospitalized after a horrific accident in which he was scalded with hot water. He underwent multiple surgeries, and when he was finally healthy enough to leave in February, Peaches was there to comfort him.

His mom Lucy told The Daily Mail ‘He’s devastated she’s gone and all we want is to find her.’ And to make it even more heartbreaking, Lucy worked extra shifts caring for the elderly so she could afford the dog for her son. DAGGER TO THE HEART.

Peaches was stolen on Sunday, and she has yet to turn up. A Facebook page has been started so anyone with tips can get in touch. But so far there is little news that makes them hopeful about Peaches safe return.

If there was ever a time to believe in karma, it’d probably be now.

If you need me, I’ll be looking at this and crying:

stolen pug

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[via The Daily Mail]
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