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Professor Trapped in Himalayan Crevasse Takes Video of His Escape

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on May 23, 2014

American climber John All, 44, a professor of geography and environmental studies at Western Kentucky University, fell 70 feet into an icy crevasse on a Himalayan mountain and had little hope of escaping.

All was able to film his escape attempts, despite serious injuries, and from the crevasse he posted to the American Climber Science Program Facebook page, ‘Please call Global Rescue. John broken arm, ribs, internal bleeding. Fell 70 ft crevasse. Climbed out. Himlung camp 2. Please hurry.’

Four incredible clips show him struggling for survival and attempting to maneuver his way out of the tight space. He was able to accomplish all of this without the use of his right arm, which seized up during his fall, and barely able to talk because of a broken rib.

It took All six hours to finally extricate himself from the crevasse and an additional three hours to reach his tent. Rescue workers were able to reach him the following morning. He broke five ribs and an arm, dislocated his shoulders, suffered internal bleeding and bruised his face and knees. But he lived to tell the tale.

‘I thought I was going to die, there was no way out. I was alone. I landed on an ice ledge probably 3 feet wide which saved me from falling further into the crevasse.’

This experience solidifies his place in the Badass Hall of Fame.

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[via Reddit/The Daily Mail]
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