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Plane Crashes on New Zealand Beach, Then Crashes Again on Takeoff

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on January 10, 2014

♫ ‘Cause you had a bad daaaaaay, you had a bad day ♫

The Telegraph has the strange story on this dude’s bad day:

An engine problem forced Dennis Horn to make an emergency landing on a beach at Martins Bay, about 43 miles north of the capital Auckland.

“Basically the engine stopped, the sort of thing a pilot doesn’t want to hear especially if he’s only got one engine,” Horn told New Zealand broadcaster TVNZ.

A blocked fuel valve on the single engine Jabiru microlight was the culprit, but after some repairs the plane burst back into life.

But when Horn tried to take off from the beach he ended up crashing into the surf, the drag flipping the plane into the sea.

The narration is lovely here:

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