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Oklahoma Pastor Makin’ It Rain (Too Much!) Through Power of Prayer

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on March 26, 2014

An Oklahoma pastor is taking responsibility for the heavy rains and deadly floods of 2007 that took place in his region, but he says it all started very innocently.

Pastor John Benefiel of the Church on the Rock made an appearance on a Christian internet show called Generals International, where he admitted that the floods were a direct result of his prayers to end the terrible drought at the time. So he used a “divorce decree,” which he claimed severed the hold that Baal (God) had on the drought … or something.

He explained how it all went/came down.

“There was no rain in sight, no rain forecast at all,” he said. “But literally the day after we first used this Baal divorce decree in 2007 — we declared it in a meeting together — the rains came. And we ended up having more rain between February and June of 2007 than any other 12 month period in history.”

You did it, John! Doggonit, you did it! The divorce decree ceremony was repeated in Texas, Kansas and Missouri, and they, too, experienced record rainfall. The only problem is that even though these historical and heavenly rains saved the states from drought, they also killed 22 people and destroyed thousands of homes, according to NPR.

As they say, be careful what you pray for.

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[via The Raw Story]
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